OUR roots

Hey friend Hey!

We are Shelly + Beth! After working with women and families for years, we had this crazy idea to start a company empowering women and families to live modern lives fiercely!

Being a homeschool mom of 7 children collectively, we understand the demands of family, kids, marriage, and the tension with wanting to pursue dreams and goals! Being a wife and mother are great and absolutely amazing ministries, and should be top priorities. AND running our household well should be first! BUT what if God has called you to more! What if you feel called you to run a blog, or a fashion company or start an amazing business, or volunteer at a shelter! Or start your own non-profit organization. Or run a successful OILY business!? Or what if you’re feeling so unhealthy because of toxic eating or a sedentary lifestyle, and YOU JUST WANT MORE!? No matter where you are in life, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE! You belong! You matter, and you have purpose!

MOD +FIERCE hopes to inspire you to pursue your LIFE WORTH LIVING GOAL, discovering and unearthing creativity, passion, and living on purpose! You belong! You matter! You have purpose, so let’s live out all that we were created to be TOGETHER!