Do It Scared

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Have you ever visualized yourself doing something crazy Big, but you talk yourself out of it because of fear?

For most of my life, I would not do something for fear of how others would perceive me. I wanted to please people so much, I was afraid to really do certain things! Wear certain clothes. Eat certain foods. Goodness, for the longest time, I feared falling in love because I was afraid of someone crushing my heart. So I remained in my little bubble and wouldn't allow myself to feel or really love! Or perhaps you fear starting a friendship because you fear rejection! Oh that was a big one with me. Or perhaps you fear starting a new blog or business for fear of failure! I didn't think I was a fearful person until I look back over the years on all the things I didn't do because of fear. My heart is beating out of my chest typing this because God put something on my heart years ago! Well he put something on "OUR" hearts years ago, and it's scary, and it terrifies me, and its crazy! But we pressed the "Do it Scared" button, and decided that fear will no longer paralyze us. That God has gifted each of with talents and abilities to share with the world! You are gifted! You are talented and oh so capable! .

So now, you may be wondering what I'm talking about, right!? Well I just put the final touches on our new brand's website! Eek! And in just a few days, we (@bethwhicker And I) will be launching the pre-sale of our very first video digital course to help network marketers grow their businesses! Not because we are great! But because God is great! .

🍁Do it scared friends!  You were created for MORE!🍁

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